Copying compiler settings

The documentation says, about the Compiler Formatting settings:

But I don’t see how this works. I highlight the row for Level 1, Ctrl-C, then highlight the row for Level 2, Ctrl-V, but nothing is happening. And it doesn’t seem possible to copy formatting from the compiler editor pane from one level to another.

Would be nice if the dialog was resizeable, or larger if it must be of foxed size. Waaaay too much scrolling for no reason.


Sorry, that’s a mistake in the manual. It’s not currently possible to copy and paste the formatting between rows.

The compile dialog will be changing with the next major version, and we’ll see about the resizing possibility with that, or at least adjusting the row and column height and width to better fit more levels.

EDIT: Could you let me know the page number where you read this? I’m not finding it in the 1.8.6 manual.

Thanks, MM.

It’s on the bottom of page 240, under Global Changes

Re: resizable dialogs, I think resizability really should be the design default when dialogs are created. There will always been exceptions, but in principle, any multi-row dialog, especially when the line items have multiple fields or options, should be resizeable to minimize scrolling. Simply comparing formatting settings in the Compile is dialog made much more frustrating by not being able to drag the window larger.