Copying complete chapters into a word file

I have completed a chapter which consists of a large number of individual text documents. How can I copy this onto my desktop as a single MS Word document rather than a whole set of individual documents?

Any help greatly appreciated


If you only want to ‘copy’ the text, can you select the files in the binder and view them in Scrivenings mode, so they show as one document in the editor? Does thatnot then allow you to Select All, copy amd then paste into Word?

Alternatively, use Compule and just compile the chapter in question into a Word document.

Compile is pretty easy for this kind of thing. You can set the Format As setting to “Original”, which just sets things up to export what you see in the editor, as you see it. Then, pick the folder you wish to compile the contents of from the Compile drop-down menu in the middle, select the file format at the bottom, and then choose a name and location for the file.