Copying custom metadata Scrivener 3.0

I am using custom metadata to serve as a poor man’s data merge capability. In looking through the manual and the forums, I could not see a way to copy a set of custom metadata from one document to another. Alternatively, is there a way to enter custom metadata for multiple documents at once? As it stands now, I have to enter the same custom metadata into each file one at a time.

Thanks for any help or suggestions on this and thanks to L&L for another great version.

Portland, OR USA

If you’re just doing it once or twice: open both projects side by side, then open both Project > Project Settings > Custom Meta Data panels and drag the data from one to the other. (Obviously, this is just the fields - it won’t automatically add data to the existing documents.)

If you’re going to want to do it a lot, then it’s better to save the existing project as a Project Template to use when starting new projects – the custom metadata is saved as part of the template.


I guess I wasn’t clear… I have set up the custom metadata fields in a project. I want the data in the custom metadata fields to be the same across several documents within a project. As it stands now, I need to enter the specific data for each of the documents within the project one data field at a time. I am seeing if there is a way to enter the data for these fields once for selected documents rather than one at a time.

Ah, ok.

You can if they’re of the List type – just select them all in the binder and use the context-menu > Other Metadata > My list type – your predefined options will be there. Otherwise I don’t know of a way of doing it for the other data types.

But, if you’re going to be creating many documents with a particular combination of custom-data entries, then you can save one as a document template – the metadata content will be repeated in the new documents using that template.

ie one type of document always has ‘Colour = red’, ‘Source = Fred’, while another always has different values, create a document template for each and use that to cut down some of the work.

Thank you!