Copying documents within a project

If I want to copy documents between two different projects I can open both up and then simply drag and drop. If I want to do that in the same project I can’t.

I have a chapter that I want to copy both the structure and content of and paste it within the same document

+ Chapter folder ...Document 1 Here be dragons ...Document 2 Here be dragonesses ......Document 2a Here be male dragon children ......Document 2b Here be female dragon children ...Document 3 Here be dragonslayers I want to copy that structure to and then amend the content, as necessary, to say

+ new Chapter folder ...New Document 1 Here be timid mice ...New Document 2 Here be timid mice mothers ......New Document 2a Here be timid male mice children ......New Document 2b Here be timid female mice children ...New Document 3 Here be micecatchers

I I were copying the structure and content from a separate Scrivener project it would be trivial to get the structure and boilerplate content in the current project. Why can’t I do this when the structure and boilerplate are in the same project? Copy only does it one folder or document name at a time and then I have to copy and paste the folder and document content one at a time.

It’s fairly trivial to copy data around within a project, too. :slight_smile:

  1. Drag and drop the items with the Option key depressed (you may need to switch on that capability in the Navigation preference pane).
  2. Select the container you wish to duplicate and hit Cmd-D, or Documents/Duplicate/with Subdocuments and Unique Title.

Both of these methods just mimic file handling in Finder.

One other method to consider, since you state this is a boilerplate, is to make use of Scrivener’s built-in template feature:

  1. Put your entire boilerplate chapter folder with subdocuments into another folder and call it whatever you want, “Templates” is fine.
  2. Select that folder you just created, and use the Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder.
  3. You’ll see the icon change, and a small badge will appear in the lower-right corner of every item inside this folder. That just lets you know these are templates.

Now that you have it set up, just go to your Draft where you want to insert the next chapter, and use the Project/New from Template/ sub-menu to select your chapter folder.

You can read more about document templates starting on pg. 87 in §8.5.

Thanks for that both #1 and #2 worked. I did not have the preference on but I do now. Been using Scrivener since version 1.something but never realised that either of these was available.

You’re right what I’m working on should be a template, and it will be, but right now I need to refine the contents and questions. It’s my own version of Character Sketch but with much much more than the standard one. Created from several different online character sketch outlines. The questions need refining, the formatting needs improvement, the dross eliminated and the missing incorporated. Right now it isn’t ready to be a formal template so duplication is preferred; especially as the copy I wanted to make is that of the first character’s partner meaning that there are lots of slightly varied reptitions in the answers.