copying hightlighted text

I have a problem.

I highlight text in my Scrivener draft.
I copy text from my draft, including highlighted portions.
I paste it into a Pages document.
The text successfully pastes, but the highlighting doesn’t.

Is there a way to copy highlighted text and so that it can be pasted, highlights intact, into another document?


Unfortunately this is a Pages problem, not a Scrivener one. Scrivener copies and pastes as RTF, but Pages won’t read RTF properly and drops much of its formatting, even though RTF is a standard rich text format - and Apple provide no other way of copying such rich text across to a program such as Pages. As lovely as Pages is, it really only fully supports its own format and Word’s formats; it is not a good for compatibility with much else, unfortunately.
All the best,

Thanks Keith. Would something like Nisus or Mellel handle this better?

If you need highlights, Nisus would be the better choice.

Bean also allows highlighting and retains higlights pasted from highlighted Scrivener text. And it’s free.