Copying PDF text to Scratch Pad - No Whitespace?

First post. :slight_smile:
I 'm trying to make notes on a series of PDF documents which I want to edit later into a report document. The scrivener research folder makes this really convenient.
I have the pdf document I’m currently reading filling the document window (no full screen?) with scratch pad running. I prefer to work this way rather than with a split screen (my monitor is not very large).

The problem I’ve encountered is that whenever I select and copy (or drag) some interesting text to scratch pad all the whitespace disappears and what I’m left with is one long string of letters!!

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug / non-feature?

My windows version is running on Win 7 (SP 1).


P.S. I know I can do this using Acrobat & Notepad together, but I’d prefer to have the convenience of everything in one project file.


I’ve just answered my own question!!
Just discovered you can use Acrobat & Scratch Pad together!! 8)

Apologies, Joe.

Loving this program BTW!

Hi Joe, and welcome to the forum! Glad you’re enjoying Scrivener!

Unfortunately we haven’t yet found a way to work around the problem with the PDF tool Scrivener uses that produces the copy stripped of spaces, so using Acrobat or another reader to pull your text from is your best solution. You can then copy and paste from Scratch Pad or use the “Send to” option from the Scratch Pad to append the notes to a document in any of your open projects.

Full Screen is only available for text documents. You might want to take a look at the layouts feature to create a few special layouts for your different work scenarios that you can quickly switch among. For instance you might have one with the editor, with header and footer, the binder, the format bar and the main tool bar all visible, and then another one with everything closed but the editor and its header, giving you nearly a full screen area just for the editor. Layouts are discussed in §9.5 of the user manual (available from the Help menu).