Copying research files to another project


I would like to be able to copy the research files that I have used for one project into another project, preserving labels and document links. Is this possible?



I’m afraid I’m just a newbie amateur, so this may not be the ideal solution but - could you duplicate the first project and use the duplicate as the starting point of the second project? That way you’d start with everything from the first including all the research files, but you could then whittle down the contents of the Draft folder to suit the second project.

That is the easiest way. Especially if you need to preserve links to existing documents.

For the document links, the described approach will be best. You can use the “Save As” command for this kind of task, which will move you to the new project and close the original.

In many cases though you can merely drag and drop items between open project binders—that will copy (and create if necessary) a fair amount of meta-data as well. It’s in fact mainly links where you have to be careful with drag and drop. That’s in fact a point of improvement for the future—copying resources between projects will (so long as you drag both the target of the link and the thing linking to it naturally) retain linked relationships between items.

Another approach by the way is to actually link from project A to project B. Try dropping your research files into a References list in the inspector of another project. It means working in multiple projects, but it can often be ideal to only retain one single source for materials rather than having separate instances scattered across several projects.