copying scrivener markdown into wordpress html editor?

I’m new at using multi markdown in scrivener. I believe it will eventually make the transfer to my WordPress html editor easier without all the reformatting. But I can’t figure the process out. All I’ve read seems that I can “copy” the compiled scrivener multimarkdown => Web Page (.HTML) into WordPress’ text editor. But It’s not working so simply for me.

I’m using Maverick on my Mac Air, Scrivener 2.5 and Firefox browser for editing WordPress. I’m not a coder, but I like the idea of multi markdown and have started using it for the hope of simplifying my blogging process. Anybody have any baby steps for me?

There are two approaches you can take:

  1. Install a Markdown plug-in into Wordpress. Then all you have to do is paste the Markdown in and it will handle the rest for you. It would also make it easier to take an old article back into Scrivener for editing.
  2. Compile to HTML as you have been, but when you paste, make sure to set the Wordpress editor to code mode first. Otherwise you will just get raw HTML code.