Copying text from Browser

Hello all
I’m wondering if anyone has any tricks for copying text from a browser for research purposes.
I can select text and share with Dropbox for example, but then every set of text i copy becomes a separate file and i’m not sure if there’s a way to automatically copy them all into one file (and then import that into the research folder later.)

Does anyone have any Tips or tricks for gathering text for research?

thank you

I haven’t checked this myself but with an external keyboard attached to your iOS device you could ‘select all’ using the appropriate short cut, copy, and then open up a scrivening and paste. I believe this should work but again I haven’t tried this myself

Perhaps I misunderstand your question, but using the normal iOS touch interface, I’m able to copy text from Safari and then paste directly into an iScriv document.
I’m not sure how much your device’s clipboard can hold. If exceeding its limitation is the issue, try taking smaller bites.