Copying text into Scrivener

I’m new to Scrivener, and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Love this software. Here’s something I hope you have a solution for: I copy a chunk of text from a pdf or a web page and paste it into Scrivener, and the copied text retains its original font and formatting, instead of blending with the text and formatting of the file I’m working on. Any way Scrivener can reformat the copied text on the fly without having to break the tempo and rhythm of writing to perform a formatting chore? TIA for your help

Yup! This is easy to do. There is a second paste command in the Edit menu called “Paste and Match Style” with its own shortcut. It basically just strips out all formatting and pastes text as though you had run it through Notepad first. This sometimes doesn’t help if you need to retain inline formatting like italics. In those cases, just paste normally, and try to ignore the ugly transitions. Once you’ve gathered everything together, use the [b]Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style[/b] menu command to batch clean multiple selected documents at once. As you’ll see, this has more options for what types of formatting should be cleaned, and it will always retain inline formatting like bold and italics.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the software so far!

Thank you AmberV, Ctrl+Shift+V is now my favorite shortcut! :smiley: Have a great weekend.