Copying text titles of images

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 17.30.37.png

This is really sheer laziness, but…

I’ve given a bunch of icons titles, which I’ll have to copy into my research file one by one (see above).

Is there any way to copy these titles en masse without copying the icons in too?

You mean you just want to copy the titles/file names?

  1. Select all the files as a single batch.
  2. CMD C
  3. Open a new page (in Scrivener or TextEdit [plain text, not RTF])
  4. CMD V

I did that, but what happened was that it started to paste in all the images, rather than the text in the titles. (These are photos of documents.)

Try the Edit/Copy Special/Documents as Scrivener Links command instead. Or if you don’t want links, Edit/Paste and Match Style should work.

Ah, Edit, Paste and Match Style worked, thanks, Io! Incredibly useful!