Copying texts from Grammarly/PWA to Scrivener lose their Italics

Hi! New user here.

After I finish writing a chapter, I copy that to editing software webs like Grammarly/PWA, and when I again copy/paste them on Scrivener, the texts lose their italic form.

How to solve it?

Don’t copy the text.

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Are you using “Paste and Match Style”? if so, that’s what is removing your italics. You can normalize any formatting oddness once the text is back in Scrivener by selecting the document in the binder and using the menu Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting.

The latest version of Grammarly edits directly in your open Scrivener project. No copy/past involved.

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The latest version of Pro Writing Aid opens your Scrivener Project directly. No copy/past involved.

Yes, however, you have to have the Scrivener project closed in Scrivener.

The advantage of the new Grammarly is that you correct in a live project. Now that could potentially have problems if there is any unforeseen conflict, though I haven’t found any yet. I have a paid PWA Premium so will continue using that app for certain tasks, but have found having Grammarly live while editing is a useful aid.

Regardless, I keep a robust series of backups just in case.

Technically, this approach that PWA uses violates the best practice guidelines from L&L about having other programs modify your project.

The latest Grammarly desktop client works within the open Scrivener project and is interacting with the text controls, not the project files on disk – it works the same across Word, Outlook, my web browsers (including this forum!), and Scrivener. So far, it’s been very inobtrusive and lightweight, but there if required.