Copying titles

I can select and copy titles from the Binder to the clipboard in “normal” view, but not in the search view, how come? Would be very useful…

I can’t create this - copying titles in the search view works for me too…
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Sorry, must have been unclear again. What I mean is this: When I have nothing in the search field (unfiltered) and select and copy some titles from the Binder, I get only the titles, which is what I want. When I filter, however, I get title PLUS text content. Is this behaviour intended? Btw, fantastic news about OPML support in 1.5, plans for OPML export?

I still can’t reproduce this. Regardless of whether I copy items selected in the binder or in the search table that replaces the binder when there is a search active, I only get titles (and there is nothing programmed into it to copy the text…).

No, there are no plans for OPML export; it will remain a one-way affair.

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Very strange.

I do this.

  1. Enter a word in the search field, kids. Around 10 docs which contain the word show up in the Binder.

  2. I select the titles in the Binder, hit command-c.

  3. Open Textedit, hit command-v

  4. Get both titles AND note text

Have you, by any chance, ever pasted the titles of your documents into the title field? You might have accidentally pasted the entire chapter, and since the Binder only shows the first line, you’ll never know it. This should show up in Compile too, though, unless you have title export disabled.

This should also be happening if you copy and paste from the Binder, so that probably isn’t the answer.

You got it. Spot on. Thanks!