Copying URL Information for Bibliography

Let’s say I’ve imported 20 or so web pages into Scrivener as reference material for a project. When I do this, I’m not sure which ones I’ll use in my project.
Now the project is finished and I need to cite these web pages. At the bottom of the Scrivener window (see image); there’s the URL. But all I can do is click on it. I can’t copy it.
Without having to go through and re-open the used pages again, how can I simply copy these URL’s?

It’s strange how years go by with something in place and then within the space of a couple of weeks, more than one user asks for the same improvement! By such a coincidence, this is, in fact, something that has been improved for the next free update, Scrivener 3.0.3 (which I’m already overdue in submitting). You will be able to Ctrl-click on the URL and select “Copy”.

All the best,

Keith, thank you. I didn’t realize I was making a feature request; I simply thought I had overlooked an existing solution.

@KB: In the meantime, is there a work-around? Spending an afternoon cutting and pasting URL’s is not anything I look forward to.