Copyright page uses abnormal font size

When I try to compile in paperback format (Mac), the copyright page (which I’ve added text to) appears in a much larger font size than the rest of the document. Obviously this is not normal for paperback novels. I tried to duplicate and edit the paperback style but I can’t find where I can amend the font size for the copyright page.

I did try assigning the copyright page to Scene in the hope that it would use the same font as the rest of the novel but now when I compile, the page creeps onto the title page.

How do I correct the copyright page so that the font is the same size as the rest of the novel?
(also, why is the default setting like this?)

If you want different formatting on the Copyright page, can’t you just edit the document in the Binder directly?


Hi Katherine, No that doesn’t work. I’ve set the font in the Copyright page itself to font 10 but once I compile the document, it overwrites the copyright page with the larger font size again. I guess it being front matter, it will always overwrite any format in the document itself.

Then you need to edit the Section Layout used for the Copyright page. Or use a layout that doesn’t change the formatting. See Section 23.3.3 in the manual for information about assigning Section Layouts; Section 24.2 for information about how to edit them.


Thank you Katherine.
Managed to remove them now.

The problem seems to have returned and I can’t figure out how to amend it without ruining other parts of the document.
All I want is for the Copyright page to have the same font size as the rest of the document as you would expect for novels.

Where in Scrivener do I specifically go to amend the font size specifically for the Copyright page (front matter) so that when I compile for Paperback, the copyright page does not have hideously huge font size?
Nothing in Section 24.2 shows how to edit the Copyright page font.

The following actions do not work when compiling:

  1. Changing the font size in the Copyright page itself.
  2. Assign Section Layout - Front Matter - Select As-Is (“include only the main text, based on its appearance in the editor”)
  3. Assigning the Copyright page from Front Matter to Scene (the page then bizarrely creeps up into the Title Page)
  4. Changing the Heading 2 in Styles to use font size 10 instead of 13.

If someone else has solved this problem (which must have appeared for you if you have tried to compile in paperback!), please please please do give specific instructions to fix this problem.

Another Compile question.
A perfect use case for a Wizard.

Is the Front Matter section type actually assigned to the Copyright page? Your screenshot doesn’t say.


Yes, Copyright is part of Front Matter which I guess is standard format for Scrivener paperback compiling. Changing it to Scene does not change the font to the same as the Chapters (which are all Scene) and the page creeps up onto the title page.

I can’t understand why this would be set as a standard format for Paperback compiling. What novel out there has its copyright page written in a larger font size to the main text?

Would it be possible for me to take a look at the project?

You can open a support ticket here:

Mention my name in the subject, and include a link to this thread.

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.