CopyWrite and MacJournal recent reviews

Certain writing applications have been getting very good reviews in the British Mac press recently. Mac Format this month gave MacJournal five stars (out of five), and MacUser gave the same score for CopyWrite. This is great for the authors of these shareware apps (both of which are undoubtedly good programs), though I fully admit that it makes me nervous. What if I release Scrivener and it only gets three stars? Or one? The green-eyed monster lurks within…

But, Keith, try to get five stars not within six months, but within say three or four years. “Per aspera ad astra”, says the proverb.

The important thing is to have some ideas of your own, and to make Scrivener ‘different’ from other applications: to give it a clear identity, to endow it with some attractive features which only Scrivener has.

If you succeed in doing so, Scrivener will find plenty of dedicated users!

Thanks, Timotheus. :slight_smile: You are, of course, right. Scrivener is unique, I think, and really I only started work on it in the first place because I wanted something that would do everything I want. If it does that, and helps me get my work done, then I will be happy. Those apps 100% deserve the praise and I don’t begrudge them at all.

I have a hard time imagining Scrivener in its release form not being compared entirely favorably with competing apps like Copywrite. The only real advantage the current form of Copywrite has over Scrivener Gold is a somewhat sexier full-screen mode.

Of course, a lot has to do with user preferences; some people will definitely be more at home with one or another, simply because people think and work differently, and no one app can encompass every user interface philosophy and every workflow. However, unless a reviewer is particularly narrow-minded, they should understand this principle and account for it in their reviews.

I’m not the British Mac Press, but I already give Scrivener 5 stars. It is the best writing applications that I have ever come across. No need to worry about ratings later. You’re already gettign great reviews here at your own site.

I just found out about Scriv from who gave your little app a glowing review.

Don’t worry about the other apps out there. You are onto a good thing. I just went through the Gold tutorial and love what I saw. I’m about to tell my wife about it and I know she’ll love it too.

Looking forward to the commercial version! Which reminds me, I love it when developers offer a “Family” license so that my wife and I can both have copies.

Me too. :slight_smile: The licence for Scrivener will be quite generous - it will be a “household” licence, which means that one licence will cover all computers in one family’s household (excluding student/sharer households).

Excellent! Thanks and looking forward to the release.

Does it really matter though?

Magazines reviewers make their assumptions after only using the software for a relatively short time.

What really matters is the size of the user base; that’s the true measure.

You are quite right, of course. I kind of regret posting this, because it makes it look as though I resent these apps getting these results, when I most certainly do not. The developers of all of these apps are great guys who work hard, help other developers, and deserve all the success and recognition they are now getting. I guess I was really just making an observation that I am entering a market which is starting to mature, with good programs getting recognition…

But yes, the user base is always the most important.
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