Cord Board - Awesome - Here's what it needs:

Make the cord board more like a real board:

More control for card placement
Ability to freely move and place cards anywhere
Ability to place as many (or as few) cards in a row as I wish
Ability to scale card sizes on the fly:
Sometimes I want bigger cards with more room on the “front”
More control over grid - more cards in row, fewer cards in row, more rows, fewer rows

Great App! You cork board is unmatched in the software community, and is one of the most useful
features in Scrivener. In fact, it was the cork board that first drew me to the app.

The placement of cards adjusts the placement of the files in the binder. That’s part of the beauty of Scrivener’s corkboard: when you reshuffle your scenes there, you don’t have to go do it again with the actual files. Because of that, the cards have to be in a linear order, same as the files.

You can change how many cards are in each row using View > Index Cards > Cards Across. This will scale the cards up or down to fit the selected number of cards.