Cork-board background move oddly

I couldn’t find a list of known bugs, so sorry if this has come up before.

I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but when I’m in the cork-board mode, and I scroll the background just acts really weird. It like moves and drags as if my computer is really confused (when it’s not). It’s like it’s trying to move with the notecards but it’s not supposed to. It’ll repeat a few pixels of the cork-board texture as I scroll until I stop holding down the mouse button and hover over the cork-board itself.

Does anyone else see this?

Yes, I believe that is a common problem. It does work a little better if you use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or PgUp and PgDwn keys. It will still glitch out a bit, but the end result is not nearly as messy as when dragging the scrollbar pixel by pixel.

Pgup/pgdown sounds like a good idea. I actually don’t have a scroll wheel, so that won’t help.

Mostly I was wondering if it’s a known issue or just my computer being dumb. It doesn’t prevent me from using Scrivener, so I understand if it’s not a high priority to fix.