Cork board Status Stamps

Marvellous app, thank-you.

I can’t work out how to have the status stamps show in the corkboard? I have toggled the switch in the project settings which says “show status stamps” to “on”, but they still don’t show. So I don’t know what I am missing?

Did you try restarting the app after that?

Thanks for the suggestion, very helpful, as while I was doing that I discovered that the status stamps that I had edited were the ones not showing up.

So I’m not sure if there is something I am doing wrong , or is that a bug?

Hi guys,

I played with this, as I’d seen the Status stamps, and colors, and wasn’t seeing them now.

The secret to it is in the gear icon under the Binder pane. You have Settings there for the Binder and Corkboard as to whether to show the stamps and colors. Turn these on, and voilà, there they are.

The status labels appear in the Binder just under the document titles; the colors as tints there. Both are quite evident on the cards.

Nice if there was a default Project way to save these settings. Maybe in Windows Scrivener? But didn’t find it there, if a number of interesting new things are there to be discovered.

Kind regards,

Hi Clive, thanks for the response,

when you do that will any stamp names that you have edited also show? I have toggled the settings in the gear icon at the bottom of the change, and I have edited one of the stamp names. And my edited stamp doesn’t show, despite toggling the cork board to show status stamps as on.

You’re most welcome. A little delay here as I had to untangle Gmail, a VPN which misreports where I am in proxy, and Outlook, which Gmail specificallly doesn’t like, besides the security event. Wonderful stuff.

Ok, I figured out how to edit the status labels - easy when you just do it.

I changed one, assigned it to a card. Could be newly assigning it is necessary?

This worked; new label on Binder and on viewed Card.

I tried just changing the status again next, no newly assigning to the card.

This worked as expected also.

I think what you want works??

No, it doesn’t! So frustrating!

So - if I edit the label (which as far as I know I am doing correctly, ie going to the inspector, click on “edit”, retype the name, click on “done”, and go back), the label doesn’t show on the card. It does show on the document in the binder, but not the card itself.

If I then go back to the inspector and change the label to the default one, it then shows both in the binder and on the card.

One question though - in the edit section of the inspector there is a hamburger on the right to shift the positions, and a tick box on the left; what function does the tick box have? I have tried both ticking it, and not ticking it but just clicking “done” and going back, and neither seem to make a difference?

I do appreciate your endeavours.

Yes to both - hamburger moving handle, and circle to select for edits.

Really the circle is for other kinds of edits like Trashing, but did you select that for the label item you also text edited??

Little things can sometimes be big for programs…

Other than that, I don’t know what to suggest. except:

  • try it on a fresh document you make
  • try it on a fresh project
    Both can be empty.

The feature/s feel solid to me. As far as time spent, well, I got to learn a feature also, could be of good use.

A good Saturday to you,

Well, this is slightly weird, but if I edit any of the labels other than the first in the list it works!

Which I think I will just accept gratefully and carry on, and enjoy the app!

Thanks again!