Cork board to Text Page with Space Bar

Hi everyone,

Scrivener has been working great for me in outlining my screenplay – I’ve been using it for a month now. I spend most my time on the cork board.

My question: after I select a card with a click of my mouse and hit space bar to take me to the text page view corresponding to that card, is there a shortcut key to take me back to the cork board view? I am constantly selecting a card, hitting space bar, adding just a sentence or two to the text doc, and clicking the back button – it’d be great if I could replace that last mouse-back-button step with a single keystroke.

I use the mouse too much for web browsing and everything else computer. My right arm needs a break of the restful kind.

So… is there is an equivalent key to the space bar that takes me back from that text view to the same selected card in cork board?

I imagine other writers may have a similar process at this stage of the writing. Any advice on this to improve my work flow is much appreciated.


Two options:

cmd-[ is the keyboard shortcut for “Back”.

Ctrl-cmd-R is the keyboard shortcut for View > Go To > Enclosing Group (which is the opposite of hitting the space bar).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks Keith,

It doesn’t quite work the way I’d like. Let me explain how I’m using Scrivener:

I have three folders (Act I, II, II) in my binder. I select all three and display them together in cork board. So now I have all my cards showing for all the three acts, properly grouped together – fantastic because I can see the entire story and move cards between different acts.

When I then select a card, let’s say one in Act II, I hit space bar and type in a couple sentences as it is in text mode. Now if I try either of the methods you suggest, I am taken back to cork board – but only to the particular act (this case Act II) the selected card is in; I no longer have Act I or Act III showing in cork board mode. I can get back to the way I want by clicking the back button.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for this?


Cmd-[ is the shortcut for the back button (Backward in Document History); it does exactly the same thing, so it should be working for you. (The other option for the enclosing group would take you just to Act I, so yes, that’s out then.)

As MM says - and as I said in my original reply - you can use cmd-[ as a keyboard shortcut for the back button; in this situation that is exactly what you want.

Great, it works (now)! I tried both methods before, but clearly I was doing something incorrectly. Thanks MM and KB for hammering home the explanation and difference.

Cheers to the Summer!