Cork board

Still looking for a way, or to be told there is no way to:

  1. Display cork board from Draft level, without a master folder at top.
  2. Display cork boards from all levels at once, like Big Scrivener can do.
  3. Auto-include synopses in Compile.

I’d like to know how to do these things, or to know they’re not possible if they’re not. Thanks!

I can’t give you the precise reasons—though they were given for 1 & 2 during the beta testing process—but the answer is basically, “No you can’t”. I think it’s to do with the way iOS works and making sure Scrivener runs within acceptable memory limits. iOS doesn’t work like Mac or Windows in terms of memory.

As for 3, I guess it’s not possible, but I have no idea if it could be made possible.