Use of the cork-board metaphor is fine, but the push-pin is going a little father than necessary. My objection is that it covers up part of the text, just like a real one would do, and it really unnecessary. It would look cleaner, less obtrusive, less distracting and show all the text clearly if you were to eliminate it or at least change it to a preference setting to turn the pin on or off if for some reason someone wants it.


Hmm, you mean such as View > Index Cards > Show Pins? :wink: Or the preference in Fonts & Colours which allows you to move the pin over to the right corner rather than the centre?

Or even the preference that allows you to adjust the transparency of the pin, letting letter-forms show through!

Ok…I tried and tried but couldnt figure out how…feels stupid

Just figured it out!..I’m having such fun- discovering scrivener features…I just downloaded scrivener a couple of days pack to try (along with some other softwares)…I seem to be gravitating towards scrivener…it just seems the easiest format to think in simply because of the lack of a rigid structure- am loving it!!!

Glad you like it. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but hopefully it makes sense after playing with it for a while. The corkboard is improved for the next update, too, so the pins are actually something you have to turn on via the preferences rather than off in the future.
All the best,

I like the pins…and I’d like an option that would make them even LARGER!

(Just kidding—about making them larger, I mean…but I do like the pins).

I love the pins too! I was just trying to move them to the right and was having problems with that, but managed to figure it out…:slight_smile:

I want a version which ONLY has the push-pins and none of that damned 3x5 card stuff underneath them which just gets in the way. 8)

Push-pins with faces of famous characters like Spider-Man, the Kung-fu Panda, &c.

A little add-on to turn everyone’s novel or screenplay character into 3D modeled push-pins. (And no extra charge for that – see how it could be, Adobe?)

Sorry, it’s late and I got the flu again – the fever is gone but evil yellow-greenish slime from outer space has been crawling through my head for hours now.

wossit taste like? Sounds like the filling for,'GreenSnot Pie!

I heard a rumor that in Scrivener 4.0 the Corkboard will be replaced with a Dart board and the pushi pins will be darts. Also it will become a drinking game instead of an application for writers and will be found in all bars across the world on those little Bar top video game consoles you see.

That of course is an UNCONFIRMED RUMOR.