Corkboard - a better layout ...

Ok this time I am 99% confident what I am asking for is not a function I don’t know about … though not having read the Manual and not having yet finished the interactive tutorial … :blush:

And having been playing with the Corkboard … trying to get some use out of it for what ‘I’ need, I hesitantly put forward a suggestion for another layout to be included beside the ‘grid’ and ‘freeform’ option.

I write in scenes. I tried to use corkboard in grid format but no matter how I handle it, I cannot visualise the flow of the story in a grid format …

So I went to ‘free format’ and eventually found a format that helps me. Of course it may not help anyone else :smiley: that’s the thing we cannot know until others look at it.

I attach a screen shot. I have arranged the cards in a diagonal flow. They start top left to bottom right and then start back toward the left.

What do people think ? Have I got too much free time ? or prevaricating before I start writing this evening ? Maybe :open_mouth:

[And this would look great if it had the word count at the top right of each card :laughing:]

I am also trying to use corkboard for outline visualization. I like your free format idea. I think it could be called outline format or outline view.

My biggest beef with corkboard is that I cannot resize the cards. I want to be able to read all of the notes in the corkboard without having to click and scroll.

We can specify how many cards across, but what good is that if it doesn’t resize the cards?

On the right of the corkboard footer is a square icon of four cards. Click that to bring up the corkboard options, including card size and ratio.

Oh my God. Thank you! That was driving me crazy.

I went through the options panel, saw the corkboard options there, but nothing about sizing.

I love Scrivener, but it seems that options/settings are a bit scattered. Perhaps some consolidation is in order?

Here are two things you might try that will approximate that, assuming that the indentation isn’t important.

  1. Have a single column of cards:

  1. Use the outline view, which would allow you to include the word count, and will expand each entry to include the entire synopsis.