corkboard and folders

In cork board view is there anyway to see the index cards underneath stacks or within folders without leaving the main cork board? If not, is there a quick view for this. I need to see everything all at once in order to figure out where things should go.
Thank you !

This thread may help you out: Corkboard feature request.

I did this: Documents/Open/With All Subdocuments as Flat List/on Editor Corkboard

and it did not seem to help. I still can’t see the cards underneath the stack without double clicking the stack and opening the contents in a different editor. What I would like is to see the top index cards and any grouped cards all at once. Is there a way to do this. Or am I not understanding how to do it.

Thank you again ! I love scrivener. I wrote my first novel on it — The novel was published by Simon & Schuster is being made into a movie as we speak.

I can’t think of much that would make this not work outside of simply not selecting the thing you wanted to expand, or not selecting the correct level you wish to open “downward”. For example if you wish to view the entire Draft at a flat level, you wouldn’t click into the Draft corkboard and select something inside of it and use the command—that would only “open” the selection. You would need to run the command with “Draft” selected in the Binder.