Corkboard and subordinate cards

Corkboard is wow’ing me with its usefulness. I could not find an answer to this in the manual, so:
If I have set the view to be Corkboard for the primary document/folder under which everything else “hangs,” is there a way to specify that I want any sub-document I click on in the binder to also display in a Corkboard manner? Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Single documents always open in text view, so there’s not a way to automatically set them to open as a corkboard or other group view mode. If you set up the navigation preferences in Tools > Options such that documents with children are treated as folders, then they will use the current group view mode (i.e. the mode you last selected when viewing a folder or document stack), so that might help you as you go but wouldn’t work initially if you’re drilling down to create subdocuments at a level that doesn’t exist yet. What you could do is create your new items as folders instead of regular text items, since they’ll open to show their corkboard by default. After your brainstorming session you could select them all in the binder and right-click to choose “Convert to File” from the context menu and thus switch them back (unless you happened to want to keep them as folders, of course).

Many thanks, Jennifer! I will give your suggestions a try.