Corkboard behaviour

This is a behaviour suggestion:

I find it counter-intuitive that whilst in Corkboard view mode, a double click on the individual file (index card) lets me edit the synopsis, rather than bringing me back into the ‘individual file view’. Since the synopsis in the Inspector allows me to do this, it seems slightly redundant. Moreover, the selection that is visible on the Corkboard does not show in the Binder. So in case of a folder with a large number of documents, going back to the binder, locating the individual document and opening it through this way seems unnecessarily long, whilst a double click on the Corkboard’s card could bring me back into it right-away.

Less bothering, but maybe worth a revision is the empty Corkboard one gets displayed when going into Corkboard mode with a single binder document active. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go to the upper folder hierarchy, displaying all documents of the same folder in the Corkboard mode, rather than nothing?

I guess there are good reasons for this, but thought I’d share my experience whilst using it.

Double-clicking the icon in the index card title will load that document in the editor, so you don’t need to switch back to the binder. (Also, View>Reveal in Binder or Ctrl-Shift-8 will show you the selected card or cards in the binder, if you do want that.)

Although I see where you’re coming from with the empty corkboard, it would be more confusing if the behavior here were inconsistent, and the contents of the board shifted on their own just so you were always viewing something rather than showing you what you had selected. And though you may not use the corkboard this way, a lot of users will flesh out their story via the corkboard and so specifically want to select a card, see the empty corkboard and then start creating new cards on that empty board, as subdocuments to the selected item. View>Go To>Enclosing Group (Alt-Shift-Up) will take you up one level, so it’s a quick step if you do get to a card’s empty board and want to bump up and see that card itself on the corkboard.

I hope that makes sense!

thanks a lot for your reply and explanations, that all makes sense. I hadn’t realised the little document icon in the top left corner was clickable and I see your reasoning for the corkboard display.

Looking forward to the release version, a nice piece of software!