Corkboard bug?

Might have posted in the wrong forum — not sure if the Bug forum is monitored or not. Sorry for double-posting.

I am having two problems in the corkboard freeform mode, would love to know how to avoid them:

  1. Synopsis owerflow.
    a. Steps to reproduce: Open corkboard freeform mode.
    b. In settings>corkboard, choose “allow two lines in title areas” and choose the smallest ratio available in the lower right corner: 1 x 5
    c. Enter some synopsis into the cards. It will not stop at the card boundaries. See screenshot.

  2. Dragging notes displayes the green-with-a-plus-sign COPY cursor.
    That’s it, basically: When moving, a COPY cursor should not appear as it implies the dragged card would be duplicated.

(EDITED to avoid embarrassment. I originally also complained that ALT+drag didn’t produce a copy, which was obviously just a setting. :blush: So that’s fixed now — but the other questions above remain.)



Interestingly, this just happened dragging index cards around. On releasing one of them I got an “internal error”, saying:

Exception Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
Description: layoutCharactersInRange:forLayoutManager:maximumNumberOfLineFragments:: Invalid character range {0, 3221223128} requested for a text storage with length 0
User Info: (null)