corkboard button for 'open in other editor' NOT turning blue when active

Don’t know if I’m doing something stupid, but when I click on the little button at the footer of corkboard view (the one that looks like a box with an emergent arrow) it doesn’t change colour. The button works (ie toggles the relevant function on and off) but there’s no way to see if it’s turned on or not! Which makes it pretty useless except as a sort of permanent preference setting — visually, there’s no way to tell how the corkboard will behave. This behaviour is consistent: I have yet to see the button turn blue.

Apart from that, very delighted so far with this awesome application!

I am using a newly-acquired copy of Scrivener 2.7 (26106) on a Macbook Air running OX10.6.8 on a 2.3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

I’d have to go dig out my old 10.6 Mac to verify, but that might be a 10.6 glitch. You could try running the legacy version, available in the sidebar. It’s a few years old now, but it was compiled back when Apple still supported 10.6, and most of the builds since then have been largely maintenance updates to keep up with Apple’s yearly marketing event—I mean Mac OS X, er, OS X… I mean, macOS, release. :wink: So you wouldn’t be missing out on too much by running 2.5, and might even look more appropriate on an older Mac anyway.

Thanks so much for your prompt reply! (And so sorry I didn’t see it earlier…:slight_smile:. That totally makes sense: running 10.6 is increasingly turning into a hazard (frustrating when it’s SO much better than its successors in lots of ways!..)

Are there any risks to installing the legacy version if I’ve already got 2.7 running? (ie possible background conflicts if I’ve also got 2.7 installed, incompatibility w/ existing projects etc?). Any precautions I should take before downloading and installing? Given that 2.7 seems to be working fine except for the missing blue arrow, might prefer not to rock the boat if there’s a substantial chance of causing myself headaches by switching to the legacy version!

There are no risks with running an older version, or having even several copies of Scrivener installed (I have at least six at any given time—worst thing is that Finder can at times get confused over which is the default version to load projects with). There are some caveats however:

  • If you’ve already committed to 2.7 then you probably are aware of the fact that your projects need to be updated to continue working with them. That right there is one drawback—if you’ve already moved ahead in them then you’ll need to export the changes and revert back to an older backup of the project from prior to updating it.
  • The second major limitation will be iOS integration. The reason for the project format upgrade with 2.7 was to make the format more robust and ready for sync. You will need 2.8 to actually open projects edited with or created by the iOS version. If you have no interest in iOS then that isn’t much of a limitation.

So yeah if either of those are a concern, I would choose to keep the version with the messed up blue arrow icon. It’s annoying not having it, but the behaviour is pretty obvious at least.

Tell me about it. If it were still viable for most of the software I use, I’d still be using it for my personal computer (obviously I need my work computer running on whatever Apple’s latest bug nest is). The last time I fired it up, I was amazed at how fast and simple everything is. Ah well. :slight_smile: