Corkboard card headers - how to label in bulk?

I have a text outline with scene names, ie…
Mary is born
Mary is given a bike
Mary meets Fred
I want those scene names to be visible in the corkboard - so they are the title of the card.
How to I import multiple card titles?
I can copy/paste the list of scenes, and then put the cursor at the end of each line, hit Command K, and create a new card, but the title of the card is blank - I don’t want to have to copy/paste each title to each card.
Help. Thanks!

From your description, I believe File ▸ Import ▸ Import and Split... will do what you want most simply, provided your text outline has some sort of clear separator between the scenes that Scrivener can use to identify where to split the document. If it’s just a list like you showed, each line its own scene, using a single carriage return as the separator should do fine.

If you have something longer, like a scene title one one line followed by another line or more of scene summary, you wouldn’t want those broken into separate documents in Scrivener, but if each of those is separated by a blank line, for instance, then a double carriage return separator will split appropriately, or if this is a rich-text file that uses a heading level for each scene title, you could tell Scrivener to split by that. Section 9.1.6 in the user manual details the Import & Split tool and can help you dig in a little to set this up, if there’s not an easy to spot separator already in your actual file.

Then all you need to do is select where in the binder you want to import the scenes and choose Import and Split from the menu and tell Scrivener what to use as the separator. The panel for this will differ depending on the file type, but it should be self-evident. Then click OK and you’ll get each of those scenes as its own document in Scrivener, with the first line of each scene used also as the title.

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I’m not sure I understand the question, but…

Should you select your “draft” folder and display it on a corkboard, you should, technically, see a card for each of your documents, with the title already in there as per the document’s name/title in the binder.

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Thanks! That works! I appreciate your help!