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My corkboard card text is showing the same text for all the cards in the folder for one of my folders. Different titles, but repeating the text from the first card. I have 5 folders set up, and this behavior is only occurring in 1 of them, but of course, it’s the one I’m actively using!

Is there somewhere to refresh this or ideas on fixing? Have tried changing the font used, but does not correct the problem.

Screenshot attached.


Were all of these documents split from the same original document? The synopsis doesn’t just show the first few sentences of text - you type and set the synopsis yourself. When you import a document, it shows the first few sentences by default (something I am considering dropping, as it seems to mislead users into thinking that index cards are meant to show the first few lines of the text, which is not the case). So if you split a document up, the synopsis may be the same in each. You can either use the “Auto-generate synopsis” button for each in the top of the inspector above the index card, or - much better - type your own synopsis for each, a couple of sentences explaining what each part is or should be about.

Hope that helps.
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Spot on! That was the fix. That folder had notes split from a single file. Auto-synopsis fixed it.


I may be misreading your intent here Keith, but please don’t lose the “Auto-generate synopsis” button. It’s such a useful stop-gap on those rare occasions (for me at least) when the creative juices are at odds with my brain’s natural viscosity.

I’d agree with Juddbert, and would add that if anything should be dropped it should be Scrivener’s automatic filling of the card upon import. I seldom use the first few lines as the synopsis, and the feature often then requires a lot of cleaning to get rid of them as it creates “junk data” signalling. In other words, if you rely upon the Binder icons to indicate document progress from Empty to Summarised to Written In, you by default lose the Empty step in an import workflow. Probably not a huge deal with straight RTF imports, but with the MMD import where a single file can result in hundreds of Binder documents (and the new auto-split feature, for that matter), it can be quite a lot of clean-up work.

Wait, after submitting that I went back and read your post instead of Juddbert’s and realised that is basically what you were already saying. The auto-fill on import might be nixed, not the explicate auto-fill feature. In that case, I agree with your hunch—though perhaps for different reasons. :slight_smile:

Yep! I misconstrued the intent there. Thanks Amber, maybe I should take reading lessons…

I know I am american hick and unable to understand “the queens english” but I am pretty sure that KB speaks the King’s, so my read of his post is

[quote=“Jaysen’s interpretation of KB”}I think the auto synopsis on import is causing confusion so I am probably going to drop it.[/quote]
If anyone can tell me what version of english vic-k is speaking it would really be helpful. He confuses me sometimes.

Y` need to take something! :open_mouth:

Careful Mr Jaysen. You could give vic-k a complex.
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C’mon guys…this is supposed to be the serious side. Let’s keep our spurious attempts at brevity and wit where they belong: the member’s club that is “And Now For That Latte”.

Juddbert: should read … spurious “failed” attempts…

I can’t deny that accuracy IS a prerequisite for this section of the forum. My apologies for the lackadaisical ambiguity.

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My English seems to be comin’ in for a rite batterin’ these dayz, innit?

Uh, yeah, I meant I was thinking about dropping the automatic assigning of first lines on import, especially given that 2.0 will not only have the auto-generate synopsis button (that won’t go), but will also allow you to select multiple documents and auto-generate a synopsis in one go for the entire selection. So users who want the first lines in the synopsis can still assign it to all imported documents by selecting them and using this option.

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Thanks for clarifying Keith.

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