Corkboard cards and documents coordination

I have a vertical split, with the left window showing Document and the right window showing the Corkboard (based upon Manuscript). Maybe I mis-read, but I recall that it was possible to click on an index card on the corkboard and the document associated with that card would then display in the left window (not simply “reveal in binder”). Possible?

Yes, you heard correctly. The secret ingredient is a little button at the bottom of the corkboard that has two opposing arrows. When clicked it will turn blue, and while it is enabled anything you click on in the corkboard will load in the opposing split. Right now this only works with single selections. We’ll soon have this fixed so you can Ctrl-click on multiple cards and load them as a Scrivenings session (or whatever view type you prefer) on the left.

You’re the best! I will go to the manual again and find that reference (feel pretty dumb I missed it earlier). that is terrific!

No worries, only crazy people like me should know where everything in the manual is. :slight_smile: It’s at the top of Chapter 8 “Navigating and Organising”, §8.1 General Navigation.