Corkboard changes to support workflow

If any changes were made to the corkboard in future versions, I’d like to see simpler features added to support the basic workflow of index cards.

A very common workflow with index cards is to brainstorm on cards, and then flesh out the text in the manuscript. I do this with screenplays, but the same holds true for novels. I’d like to see these features added to make this process easier:

  • Word wrap in the index card title. Let us write longer titles, use bigger type, and if we want, fill the whole index card with title text.
  • A preference to include the synopsis in the main editor by default. I’d like to write ideas on the card, and then have them appear in the editor automatically. I know I can copy them over, but I’d like a choice to make it automatic and make the workflow smoother.
  • An option to hide the synopsis text in the editor, and prevent it from printing, exporting or compiling.
  • In Arrange By Label view, add persistent labels to the left of each of the lanes, like a spreadsheet. You have to mouse over each lane to see its label now, and I prefer being able to read the whole chart like a spreadsheet or a musical score.

Thanks for considering my requests.


One more request:

  • Support multiple monitors with separate windows. I often work with two or three monitors, and I’d love to keep a huge corkboard open as well as a couple of editors and copyholders. I would be equally happy if you could tear off each panel into its own window like Adobe does, or if I could make new separate windows and customize what is displayed in them.