corkboard -- color labels

I have a question about using the Corkboard.
What are some of the uses for the Color Labels on the index cards?
Is it possible to call up only the Orange labeled cards, or only the Orange and Red labeled cards, for example?
I am using the individual cards as a way of outlining a screenplay. It would be nice to bring up all the cards for one plot-line. I’'m assuming the labels allow me to do this, but I can’t figure out how.
Thanks to all for any advice you may have.

Yes, you’ll want to note down the actual usage of the label, not its colour. If Orange means “Revising”, then type in “Revising” in the Project Search field of the toolbar (Cmd-Ctrl-F will jump you up there without the mouse). To make this search more accurate, though, click on the magnifying glass to narrow the search down to Label only.

When you refer to the "“Usage” of the label, how do I assign the “usage”? For instance, how could I assign the term “Chase story” to all of the Orange cards?

In the Inspector, if you open up the label dropdown, there will be an option called something like ‘Edit…’ (I have forgotten the text used).

When you open that up, you can add and delete labels, change their colours, and give them different names. You can even rename ‘Label’ to something else, if you wish.

In your initial post you ask for potential uses of the label. Some examples of what people have used it for include:

  1. Point of View character.
  2. Story Arcs.
  3. Tracking tension (eg. brighter colours = high tension).
  4. Status - I usually use the labels for status, as I like the visual cue in the Binder of what needs more work.


Thank you.