Corkboard colours

I use Scrivener for Windows and Linux Version: - 06 Oct 2016

I noticed in a FB posting that you can have a different colour for the top of a corkboard TEXT than the main body. I am unable to locate the option to allow this. I can see that I can switch between using a PIN or a CORNER MARK but cannot find the option to allow me to use a different colour above and below the separator. I have uploaded an example of what I would like to do. The “Scene 1” text is on a greeen background colour whilst the “Write” text is on a white background colour.

Can someone please guide me to the option.

Cheers in advance,
Scrivener corkboard setting.png

A few settings affect this:

  1. View, Use Label Color In… has the four options Binder (F5), Icons (F6), Index Cards (F7), and Outliner Rows (F8). Select here to have the documents’ current label color show up in the appropriate UI element.

  2. View, Corkboard Options, Label Pins (F9). This affects color of the pin or corner mark in the upper-right corner of the index card when enabled (pin is the same color as the label, corner mark is darker). (I personally also like Status Stamps (F10) to watermark each card with the status as well.

  3. Tools, Options (F12), Corkboard, Appearance, Label Indicator chooses between pin or corner mark. Label tint opacity affects the label and the pin; the corner mark will always be darker. (You can also control the opacity of the status stamp with Status Stamp Opacity). These controls don’t take effect until you click Apply or OK, so remember to do so while you’re trying to out to see the effect.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the insight Devin