Corkboard confusion

I am using the corkboard and find that I can only put a few words on each card. At times, I need to elaborate a bit to remember what i was thinking at the time.

Can you add more text to the index cards or is it just for some basic 3 or 4 word ideas.

Hi Boys of Summer,

If you go to the HELP menu in the top menu bar you will see both Scrivener help and a tutorial. Keith has updated these as of 1.095b. Look up text and folder. They are different.

There is a little trick. The ADD button has Add Folder and Add text. The Group button adds a new folder and the text button adds a text file. Group and Folder seem to be equivalent. Probably a little confusing but the folder names are the short bits of text that appear on the top line of corkboard cards. BUT, if you click a FOLDER and THEN click the CORKBOARD function in the menu bar of Scrivener, the cards will have all the text from each text file as well as the title of the individual text file.

Hope this helps a bit.


You can type quite a bit in the index card. I’m not sure if there is a limit; if there is, I’ve never run into it. The only consideration is how much you can see without scrolling. To view the full text of a card in Corkboard, you can double-click in the text area and a little scrollbar pops up. Also, you can use the Inspector to view larger cards. Finally, right-click anywhere on the Corkboard and look for the sub-menu “Cards Across…” which will let you decided how many cards to display on a row. Many people who like to put down a lot of information on the card (as opposed to the text area itself), will only show one or two cards across. Then you get nice big cards.

I can attest to the fact that the index synopses can hold quite a lot. My fingers get tangled and I paste a whole chapter in there.

you can adjust the size of the cards on corkboard by selecting…

view/index cards/cards across