Corkboard crash

I rarely use the note cards on corkboard, but I’m tackling a large magazine feature and thought it would be useful. I started writing some basic outlines on the note cards, but each time I clicked the green ‘plus’ button to create a new page, Scrivener (for Windows) crashed. I started the programme again, but the last note card I was working on hadn’t saved. It seems to work if I click out of corkboard on to, say, a note in my research folder, then click back on the last page in my draft folder and click the green plus sign again. That doesn’t cause a crash. But I tried again writing on a notecard and clicking plus again to create a new page and it crashed again.

This sounds like an additional part of the crash bug some others have reported where creating a new item when the focus is in the synopsis of the index card in the inspector causes a crash. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this from the corkboard. Could you detail your steps to get the crash? I assume the focus is still in the card (ie, you were typing in the synopsis and haven’t clicked away) when you clicked the button?

Also, what version of Windows are you running?

Thanks for any additional information!

Yes - exactly. I was typing solely in the synopsis pane and didn’t click away when I clicked the plus sign. That’s when it crashes. If I click out of it - ie. into another document in Scriv, it seems to be fine.
I’m using WIndows Vista - home premium - v.6)