corkboard customization

please tell me if I can already do this but when I start a new project I have a number of documents with a description of what needs to go in them in the synopsis field.
as I fill in each document I would like to have the content of the editor show in the cork board view for that card but currently (v3 afaik) I have to delete the text in the synopsis field in order to do that.
afaik, scrivener 3 has a set order of fields to display in the card view which is synopsis then document text but I would like to be able (because we need more preferences) to choose to have the document text take precedence over the synopsis text so that I don’t need to delete the synopsis text to get that to show.
then the cork board view becomes like a tool, I see what I need to do when the card is showing the synopsis and see the work after I complete it (I just want to not have to delete the synopsis text for this to happen).

what do you think?


There is no way of doing this and no plans to add anything like this, sorry. The point of the corkboard (and outliner) is that they show the synopses for the text documents; they fall back on showing the first words of text in the document only if there is no synopsis.

If you only ever want text to show in the corkboard, you could use custom meta-data to hold the synopsis in the editor if you wanted, but as it sounds as though you want to switch between synopses and text in the corkboard, that probably won’t do what you want.

All the best,