Corkboard display of documents

I like the corkboard feature very much. In fact it was the major reason for trying Scrivener.
As far as I can tell the corkboard displays the individual cards for the selected group and stacks of cards for lower-level groups.

I’d like to see an option where the stacks are automatically replaced by their underlying individual cards. I know I can achieve this by selecting all the individual cards and none of the groups, but as the article grows, this becomes more and more cumbersome.

I also had this desire to see all cards, but I realized it was not worth the trouble and would not get much use.

The outline view serves the purpose of seeing an entire hierarchy of cards. Outlining was virtually invented for this purpose, and it’s much more space efficient and flexible than the cards. I have used several straight outliner programs over the years, and currently use Inspiration! . But Scrivener has a simple outliner built in, and it serves.

My conclusion: the requested feature would be nice in an ideal world, but it’s very low priority.

That is pretty much how it played out during beta development. The idea was tossed around, various visual techniques looked at, and in the end nothing appealed. As Shrikered points out, the Outline is more than suitable for the job of revealing lots of outline at once. Corkboard remains a good, tactile way to lay out a section of the book, but for viewing large portions of the book at multiple depths, Outliner is the way to go.

You can also achieve this by selecting the parent folder and selecting View > Open as Index Card Stack In… (or using the keyboard shortcut). Of course, dragging around in such a state has no effect, as the drop point has no meaning when a hierarchy is flattened.
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