Corkboard Display of Search Results (overview display)

I have a question / suggestion re. how search results / collections and the corkboard work.

If, for example if I search for scene that match a certain criteria (and lets assume these scenes are in chapter folders and the scenes have no sub-folders), then I’ll get a list of scene files in the Search Results.

If I look at the Corkboard, I will either see nothing (if no scene is clicked on) or it will jump back to Scrivenings (the scene content) if I click on a scene.

Is there any way of displaying the list of scenes in the Search Results as an overall view in the Corkboard?

Same applies to collections. Whatever is there, is there a way of viewing it all, as is, in the Corkboard?

I’m guessing there is not, as I can’t find one. However, don’t you think this would be a good idea?

It would add power. It would mean different views of the story (depending on the Search) could be see in the Corkboard.

Yes, there is a way to do this. Click on the header bar above the search result list that says “Search Results”. If the collection tabs are open, then it will be between the tabs and the list. This spot is clickable for all collection types, and in fact freeform corkboards will be remembered for non-dynamic collections, too. This just uses your current view mode, so if that is set to Scrivenings you’ll need to change it to corkboard. When you were doing that before on a single search result, you were viewing the corkboard for that scene, which was of course empty since it didn’t have any child items.

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, that area is not clickable… at least not on my system (I do have the latest).

If ‘Show Collections’ is off, and I have just Search Results showing, the header bar (that has magnifying glass and 'Search Results) is not clickable anywhere on it.

If I turn ‘Show Collections’ on, then clicking the header bar simpy shows that view in the binder area, without affecting the main display. Clicking again doesn’t do anything.

Perhaps I have misunderstood what you meant.

Ioa, do you mean the highlighted bit on this picture? If so this dosn’t work on Windows yet!


(in which case, dagnammit you lucky mac folk)


Argh! Yes, that’s the spot, but that spot doesn’t do much yet on Windows.

So then, to rephrase myself: great suggestion! It’s on the way. 8)

Ok, great, thanks. At least it wasn’t me going funny!

(The ability to do this would enable a whole series of ‘views’ on the corkboard, especially with the use of labels and coloured notes)

Right, and in fact an aspect of this we’re still designing will make it so you can assign a view type to collection (or any container for that matter) that is special to that one. So you could be using Scrivenings everywhere while you write, and then activate this collection’s view and see a Corkboard, then come back to the draft and be in Scrivenings again. Same for ordinary containers in the binder. You could have your character sheets as a corkboard with all of their pictures, but be using outliner otherwise. Still getting the kinks worked out, but it should be a nice addition.

See? You have to make a choice. ONce you make that choice you sometimes wish you chose differently.


Naw. I don’t trust computers that smile or creepy apple silhouettes.