Corkboard drag drop question

Apologies in advance for such a basic question…

I’ve got some projects where corkboard drag and drop isn’t working. I try to drag but all I can get is the “not allowed” mouse icon.

Other projects, including older versions of these, work as expected.

I’m pretty sure I’m not trying to do anything that’s not allowed (even with just 3 adjacent non-container docs in CB view, I can’t swap their positions.) And I’m not aware of and in any case can’t find any project-specific setting that controls this.

Closing and reopening doesn’t solve it.

I haven’t used the CB in some time, so I might be overlooking something obvious. But what?


False alarm. I see what I"m doing wrong. It only works when a single container is selected to show its complete contents. The corkboard is essentially a container view of synopses. I was thinking more in terms of how scrivenings work. Makes sense now. Thanks.

Yeah the key is when the header bar says “Multiple Selection”. If you see that then you know you are in an artificial environment where drag and drop is disabled on account of the results of such actions being “most likely” illogical. You can certainly construct a multiple selection corkboard that would have a logical in-between drop target, such as three adjacent siblings, but we just disable it flat out since it’s more unlikely for that to actually happen, and it would be even more confusing if you could drop between some cards but not others. This way it is clear, multiple selection: view-only; container: interactive.

Same goes for Outliner by the way.