Corkboard: drop a card onto another? And drilling down?

I’m re-outlining at the moment, and using cards representing major plot points to hold constituent cards beneath them. Ideally what I’d like to do is drag a card and drop it onto the holder card on the corkboard rather than using the binder.

Can this be done? I’m thinking the answer is no. I’ve done a search, but maybe I didn’t use the right terms.

As for drilling down, is there some way of clicking on a stack of cards to get to its corkboard beneath? I know about moving up by double-clicking, can you move down?

Thanks in advance.

Yup! You can drop cards into stacks, it’s just not enabled by default. Go into the Corkboard preference, and at the very bottom, enable Allow drop-ons.

You can double-click on the icon of the card you wish to navigate into. Alternatively, there are also keyboard shortcuts for all of this. Ctrl-Cmd-R will be the same as double-clicking on the background (but it also works in Outliner or Scrivenings mode, so it makes for a nice universal habit to pick up). Opt-Cmd-O will open the currently selected card(s) in the editor, and Shift-Cmd-O will do the same, only in the other split, opening one if necessary.

Dammit, Amber, I feel like an idiot for not finding this.

Thanks for the pointers. You’ve made my workflow nice and flowy now.

Is there a way to do this and stay within the corkboard? - i.e drilling up and down layers in the corkboard. For me it adds an extra step to then switch back to corkboard mode evey time (and actually I’d like to be able to double click anywhere on the card to go in a level, and double click on the corkboard to go out a level (that part is implemented) - cheers, Malcolm

Yes, there is an option in the Navigation preference pane, at the very top, Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders, which should adjust how the software works to what you’re asking for. Here is a little background information on the mechanics.

As for using the entire card as a button, then there would be no straightforward way to edit the card.

Thanks, yes that works. As for editing text, I’ve always found that a bit baffling when adding text on the card itself, as I’m usually adding bullet points or short paras, when return jumps you out of edit mode, so I tend to do card text entry within the synopsis displayed in an identical fashion within the inspector panel. But having just played with it, a single click on the card area makes exiting available, it doesn’t seem to require a double click < but its not a big deal either way :slight_smile:, you solved my main problem!>

Option-return will insert a line break inside of a card on the corkboard, so you can do some bullets without the inspector if you like. Another preference is right back in that Navigation pane, roughly in the middle: there are settings for how the return key should behave.

Thanks AmberV - that’s helpful