Corkboard feature request

First, thanks for Scrivener. It’s one of my very favorite apps, and as someone who uses dozens of apps on a regular basis, that’s saying a lot!

Any chance we could get a corkboard view that shows not only the index cards for chapters (folders) but also the child objects of the chapters (text documents)?

It would be way cool to click MANUSCRIPT in the binder, while in corkboard view, and see all the cards. This would make it easy to drag scenes between chapters, etc.

You can already do the first part of this: click on your Draft folder and use the Documents/Open/With All Subdocuments as Flat List/on Editor Corkboard (you can also right-click to get there, or use the shortcut). This will open everything within that folder, hierarchy disregarded, as a flat list.

What you cannot do is freely drag things around like that. This would have no logical basis for working, since a flat selection on the corkboard is, by definition, completely ignoring hierarchy in its display—there is no “in between” two cards, when those cards may be in actuality quite displaced from one another.