Corkboard feature

This is my first time to your website (I saw your ad in MacLife & MacWorld). It looks very interesting and I’m going to download the 30-day trial.

I’m particularly interested in the Corkboard, as I have a lot of snippets that need to go in someplace, but I’m not sure where yet. What was not mentioned, and would be a great feature, is if you can drag an index card to the place where you want it, and it automatically puts the copy in your story at the place where you put the cursor.

If this is already a feature, but wasn’t mentioned, or if someone else suggested it, I couldn’t find it.


Yes, this is a core feature of Scrivener. Somebody who writes like you do is the target audience for the program, in fact.

Index (synopsis) cards on the corkboard are tied to the main text of the document. If you drag and drop index cards around on the corkboard or to the binder tree on the left, the main text goes with it. Similarly, if you drag documents around in the binder, the corkboard re-orders the cards as well.

I highly recommend going through the tutorial which is included with the program. You can find it in the help menu. The tutorial is itself a scrivener file, and is interactive; you actually use the different scrivener features it refers to in the tutorial file.