Corkboard fluttering in Oct 2018 upgrade (1.9?)

When I have Corkboard Mode set to display 3 cards across, the page starts to flutter. This phenomenon only involves what’s in the Corkboard window, not Inspector or Binder, if I have either or both of those open. A scroll-down bar appears and disappears on the right side of the Corkboard over and over again, super fast, which shifts the text on the cards back and forth. It’s bizarre. What’s even weirder is that it only happens in some chapter folders and not others, even though they’re all set at 3 across. It doesn’t seem to matter how many cards are in the folder, either, because some folders with few cards began fluttering while ones with dozens of cards did not. When I change the setting to display either 2 or 4 cards across, the fluttering stops.

I’m using Scrivener on an HP running Windows 7. This problem started on 10/6/2018, which seems to correspond to my most recent upgrade to, I believe, Scrivener 1.9–the newest Windows version to which the program prompted me that day to upgrade. I tried repeating an action that had worked when I had issues with the program upon first buying it last month; that is, running Troubleshoot Compatibility. That had no effect on this problem, which has led me to believe it may be a bug. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the problem, do let me know, but the fact that I can get around it by changing the card setting makes it not such a pressing issue.


I had a similar problem back in 2014 with the current version at that time, and at some point a Scriv update fixed it.


I currently don’t use the corkboard much, but I’ll see if I can recreate what you’re seeing.