Corkboard font

I’m an idiot right now and can’t seem to find how to resize or change the fonts used on the corkboard. Somehow I’m stuck right now with some small font and clicking on “Use small fonts” actually make the font bigger. I’m using Scrivener beta 26.

BTW, yes, I tried googling this but still couldn’t find an answer.

Under Tools>Options… in the Appearance tab, you can set the fonts for the index cards. “Small font” will be customizable in the future too, but for now there’s just the default setting. (With the factory defaults, it should be smaller than the standard corkboard font, although as it’s only used on the corkboard and not in the inspector the way the standard font is, occasionally it can be a nice trick to use that as a larger font if you use a larger card size on the corkboard. But that will be more practical once you can set the font size yourself.)

Google doesn’t index the forums, FYI, so you’ll need to use the search feature specific to the boards, up in the top right of the webpage.

Thanks. I don’t know how I missed that.