Corkboard - Formatting Options Dimmed


So I’m a new Scrivener user and couldn’t seem to find this issue when searching past threads. When in corkboard view, I can’t seem to do any formatting of the text: bold, highlight, size, etc – all those buttons are dimmed. Help!


You can change the font for the index cards in the corkboards at a wholistic level by going to:
Tools > Options > Appearances and then going to the font area of the dialogue box and playing with the corkboard settings.

But rich text options on the cards themselves (bold, underlining etc) aren’t available, I’m afraid. You’ll have to stick to the likes of using CAPITALS or other characters to draw emphasis if you need it.

Thanks for your reply. That’s unfortunate. I use all these options quite a bit when taking and organizing notes. Thanks anyway!

AmberV was talking about using Chapter Folders to hold notes (and making sure the settings are in place so they don’t form part of the manuscript compile) in a thread earlier.
Might be of help to you.
Other than that, you can use the Document Notes box at the bottom of the Inspector Pane on the right… you can use the normal bold, underline etc in there.

Yes, for extensive note taking there are better tools than the synopsis. That is just meant to be a succinct prompt to let you know what the item contains; what its purpose is. The Notes pane in the Inspector, as pigfender mentions, is the best place to take long form notes, and you can use that while in the Corkboard. The Inspector will switch to showing the details for that card while it is selected, and that is what you’ll have available to you when editing the text itself in either the standard editor or composition mode.

Thanks for your replies! I’m going to go through the video tutorials this weekend and then play around with your suggestions. Thanks again!