Corkboard has its secrets [?]

Changing the display to Pins in an open project (form blank template) does what I expected - the index hards now have colored pins showing the labeling color.

Opening a project I created from the Non-fiction template before the corkboard options change, displays the pins AND the cards in the labeling color.

I don’t find an option to control this. If this is by accident, it looks really cool, and you should consider this an option … or did I simply overlooked

Franz-Josef, you can select to view (or hide) label colour from the [ View > Use Label Colour In ] option in the Menu, where you can choose to see label colours Binder, Icons, Index Cards or Outliner Rows (F5, F6, F7 and F8 respectively). In addition, you can even adjust the Label Tint opacity from Options > Corkboard,


Thanks, Ayca, must have been partially blind … not to see functions laying on unaltered function keys :blush:.

Don’t worry about it. Scrivener is full of happy surprises and most folks discover things by accident. It’s one of the glories of scriv: you only need to learn as much as is needed to “get the job done”. Feel free to ignore the rest.

A small warning to you though: resist the temptation to apply all the discoveries to all your projects. If you don’t you will spend more time finding and applying than writing.

Have fun.

Oh cool. That would totally help a complicated plot I’m working on.