Corkboard help

I’m a new user to both Mac & Scrivener (FINALLY!) I managed to get my WIP imported & broken down into Scrivener…

I have a folder for each chapter and then a sub-document for each scene in that chapter. When I go to corkboard view in a specific chapter, there is an index card for each scene (with the title I’ve given that scene, i.e. Trey decides to attend the soiree.)

When I go the Manuscript (on the binder) and click on corkboard, it shows PROLOGUE, CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2, etc… nothing else on the cards, nor the scenes on each card.

Is there a way to show in the corkboard view the scene (with their titles I’ve given them) for the entire ms., just not when I’m in a specific chapter???

Thanks much in advance!

The Corkboard only shows one “level” of information at a time, so no it isn’t currently possible. If you want to see titles and synopsis for the entire draft, I suggest using Outliner mode instead. Just select Draft in the Binder, press Cmd-1 to show the Outliner. You can set up which columns are visible by press the little ‘…’ button in the upper right. That is fairly standard for Mac applications.

Actually, whilst AmberV is (of course :slight_smile: ) correct, you can view them all, but only if you select everything you want to view in the binder, or if you select the Draft folder and then select View > Open as Index Card Stack In > Editor. This will open the entire contents of the selected folder as a flat list.

Very cool! That worked!

Scrivener is absolutely wonderful so far, but quite expensive :laughing: (I had to buy a Mac to run it :unamused: )


Keith, Apple should give you some sort of award for luring people to the Mac.