Corkboard in fullscreen


is there a way to view the corkboard in full screen in the same way as the “full screen composition mode” i.e. without the toolbar on top and the “bottom bar” at the bottom, so that the screen is “just” a corkboard?

And is there a way to make the active card bigger when writing or viewing? At the moment I need to write a bit more staff on one card and I thought there was something like the “spacebar in the finder” that opens a larger preview window. Alternatively I thought that I could make taller the synopsis window in Inspector column, just like in Photoshop, dragging down the bottom margin of the synopsis window.
In case not is it possible to ask for a feature to help out in those rare occasions when we write too much on the card?
Thanks in advance.

Here are some tips from prior discussion threads:

For card size, see §11.1.5, Corkboard Options, pg. 135 of the user manual.