Corkboard interface

I am pretty sure something along the lines of the following is already in the works for Scrivener 3.0, but just in case:

How about letting us choose whether we want the cards on the corkboard to show only the title, or only the content below the title (synopsis or image), or both?

This could be combined with a hover effect, where you see what you are hiding by moving the cursor over a card. Like, if I have elected to show only titles (which would be a huge help, for me, during early plotting stages), I could point the cursor to the card showing only the titlle, and a normal sized card could fade into view or drop down, showing the full card. Alternatively, if I have elected not to show the titles, hovering over a card, would make the title appear (drop-up?). This method could also be set up so that you can see everything that is being hidden, i.e. pointing at the title-only card would make both the synopsis card and the associated image pop up under the title.

Have you tried using the Outliner mode yet? It pretty much does exactly what you’re asking for (sans content). At its most basic it is a simple list of titles with optional synopses that you can toggle on and off with a button in the footer bar vs a tooltip.

What you might have heard of for the future are some more dynamic approaches to how title, synopsis and content are handled. If you’ve ever used the iOS version then you already know the basics of how that is going to work. It will be a little different in that the iOS version doesn’t really have an outliner, so there will be some new dynamics there that you might like.